Instrumentation, Electrical & Mechanical Jobs

CHEMIN C & I offers a wide range of services in the field of "INSTRUMENTATION", with a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers having more than two decade of experience in Oil and Gas, Fertilizer, Petro-Chemical, Chemical, Steel and Power Plant, Paper, Cement plant, Metals and Minerals

CHEMIN C & I has been approved by major consultants / Customers in India. Their highly trained professionals are currently in various sites, carrying-out "INSTRUMENTATION" contract works, backed by a project office with the most modern facilities and the finest erection, testing, calibration tools & equipments. COMMITMENT towards complete customer satisfaction has helped retain and increase their customer base, which includes many prestigious government, public and private sector industries.


  1. System Design and Detailed Engineering works like preparation of P & I drawings, Instrument Loop schematics and General Layout Arrangement drawings.
  2. Preparation of Bill of Materials for Instrumentation Installation Hardwares.
  3. Selection, Procurement and Supply of Field & Control Room Instruments and Instrument Installation Hardwares.
  4. Design, Fabrication and Supply of Instrumentation Control Panels, JBs and skids.
  5. Design, Fabrication and Supply of Instrumentation & Electrical Panels, Junction boxes and Skids.
  6. Calibration, Erection, Hook up, Testing, Loop Checking and Commissioning of Instrumentation Control Systems.
  7. Complete solutions for control room requirements.
  8. Complete solutions for calibrating and testing lab requirements.
  9. Training of Personnel in the above activities.
  10. Manpower Supply.


  • Project site visit and acquiring data.
  • Preparation of Activity Bar Charts.
  • System Design and Detailed Engineering.
  • Design, Manufacture and Supply of Instrumentation Control Panels.
  • Planning & Deputation of Qualified and Experienced Manpower.
  • Preparation of specification for Instruments, Instrumentation Hardware etc.
  • Preparation of P&I drawings, Instrument Loop schematics, Hook Up Drawings for Field Instruments Layout.
  • Preparation of General Arrangement drawing for Instrumentation Control Panels, SLD for Control Panels.
  • Preparation of Installation Standards, Junction Boxes Schedules, Cable Schedules, Impulse piping & Tubing Schedules, Instrumentation Index Book etc.
  • Preparation of I/O list, Preparation of wiring drawing, Preparation of cable routing drawing, Preparation of impulse routing drawing, Preparation of Instrument / Panel layout drawing.
  • Preparation of Junction Boxes location / Installation drawing, Preparation of PLC ladder drawing and Preparation of Logic drawing.
  • Preparation of Bill of Materials for Instrumentation & Electrical hardwares.
  • Procurement and supply of Field & Control Room Instruments, Instrument Installation Hardware like Cables, Pipes, Tubes, Fittings, Manifold, Catchpots, Sealpots, Cable Trays, Junction Boxes, Cable Glands, Lugs and other Accessories.
  • Erection of Field Mounted Instrument Panels, Control Panels, Power Panels & Cable Trays.
  • Inter Panel Wiring, Impulse Piping, Copper / SS Tubing etc.
  • Control & Power Cable Laying, Dressing, Glanding & Termination.
  • Design of Application Software, Installing and Programming (Based on Process Narration & Programming details given by the customers).
  • Providing Training for the various Systems covering all the aspects of Process Control Instrumentation for the Customer.


  • Preparation of Data Sheet,
  • Preparation of PID, logic diagrams,
  • Preparation of P&I drawings
  • Preparation of cable tray routing & Pneumatic pipe line routing,
  • Selection of instruments
  • Preparation of MCC Schedules & JB Schedules,
  • Sizing of cables and preparation of cable schedules
  • Preparation of hook up drawings, interlock diagrams,
  • Loop diagrams, Grounding / Earthing drawings,
  • Panel / console base frame drawings,
  • Control Room layout, BOM preparation,
  • Preparation & selection of erection hardware specifications, I/O List, etc.


  1. Better Training platform for C&I Students, Engineer and Operators Trainees
  2. Featuring advanced process control system with Smart Instrumentation and DCS/PLC based Automation.
  3. Facilitates the development, monitoring and control of various kinds of process loops associated with real-time Industrial applications.
  4. Facilitates understanding of various control algorithm techniques, loop tunings and real time graphical trends practically both in test and online modes.
  5. Exposure to plant start-up, normal process operation, normal process upsets, normal shutdown, and abnormal situations in training mode.
  6. Assessment and accreditation of operator competence is facilitated before putting them in using them in real time industrial applications.
  7. Operators will be equipped with a high degree of confidence, skill and competence borne out of 'realistic' training
  8. Recent trends in Instrumentation like Fieldbus, Profibus, Smart Instruments, aerator Control, Flow Control thro’ Mass Flow meter and Weight Measurement and Wireless Concepts also can be incorporated as per req.
  9. Customizable according to customers needs.


CHEMIN CAL Workstation was designed to manage the Control and Instrumentation needs of an industry that requires accuracy, flexibility and dynamic performance. Our goal is to offer researchers, designers and manufacturing engineers, a platform that outshines all others with its modularity, reliability and flexibility.

The CHEMIN CAL’s integrated function and performance are consistent and committed to meet the modern C & I workshop / laboratory testing challenges and can be integrated with Process Simulators, CRT Display, PLC modules and printers for your automation and training needs.

A Compact and Integrated Multifunction, Heavy – duty C & I Modular work station for Calibration & Testing, Loop checking & Trouble shooting of Process Control Instruments like Sensors, Transducers, Transmitters, Indicators, Controllers, Recorders & Final Control Elements like Control Valve & Actuators .


  • Dead Weight Tester
  • Comparison Test Pump
  • Low Pressure
  • Calibrator Dry Block Temperature Bath
  • Hart Communicator
  • Universal Calibrator
  • Master Gauges Manometer – Water / Mercury
  • Digital Manometer