C & I Simulation Plant

Enhances the knowledge of the students and operator Trainees with Real Time - Hands on Training in PC based Process Control Simulation System.

Basic Plant featuring Flow, Pressure and Level Control with PLC/ DCS

  • Facilitates understanding in the use and limitations of Process Control theory in actual Industrial applications.
  • Enables the understanding of the various types of online Instruments and their usage.
  • Operators can be exposed to Industrial Networking, Engineering concepts and various communication protocols related to Process Control Automation.
  • Operators can visualize a process plant in real time and monitor its process through graphical display.
  • Users can develop and understand various types of Control Algorithms, loop tunings, real time trends and historical data and exposed to various types of critical issues related with them using simple programming techniques through inbuilt control functions in Engineering module.
  • Exposure of users to plant start-up, normal process operation, and normal process upsets normal shutdown and abnormal situations in training mode.
  • Assessment and accreditation of operator competence is facilitated.
  • Advanced and recent trends in Instrumentation like Field bus, Profibus, Smart Instruments, Aerator Control, Flow Control through Mass Flow meter and Weight measurement and Wireless concepts also can be incorporated as per requirement.